The Art of Email List Building

14 proven tactics to build an email list

Starting from scratch to build an email list might feel overwhelming, particularly if you aim for speed and efficiency. Yet, investing time in developing your email list from the outset is crucial, as it becomes a vital asset for your marketing efforts.

Email marketing continues to deliver an outstanding return on investment, achieving $42 for every $1 spent, thanks to its proven effectiveness in targeting audiences.

This guide unveils 14 dynamic strategies for rapidly assembling an email list from the ground up. More importantly, these approaches not only help in gathering new contacts but also in cultivating a dedicated and interactive subscriber community.

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Let’s dive into these strategies!

Selecting a Reliable Email Marketing Platform

Embarking on the journey of email list creation begins with the crucial choice of an email marketing platform. Initially, managing a handful of contacts and sending simple emails might work well through conventional email systems like Gmail and Outlook.

However, as your email list expands and the need for automated campaigns rises, the significance of a dependable email marketing tool becomes undeniable. Opting for a platform that supports your growth and offers features to craft compelling emails is essential.

Opting for a solid email marketing platform early on is a strategic move, not only for saving invaluable time during the initial list-building phase but also for unlocking the vast capabilities of email marketing from the get-go.

GetResponce stands out in this regard, offering newcomers access to proven subscription form designs to enhance sign-up rates and sophisticated segmentation tools to elevate campaign effectiveness.

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For those aiming to organically grow their list, it’s beneficial to consider additional features offered by your chosen email marketing platform, including a landing page builder, marketing automation tools, and A/B testing functionalities, to further refine and optimize your efforts.

Projected increase in subscriber base: 50-60%

Motivating Sign-ups with Incentives

After selecting your email marketing platform, the next step involves devising a strategy to gather email addresses on your website. However, before initiating this process, it’s imperative to offer compelling reasons for visitors to share their email addresses with you.

People are unlikely to hand over their email addresses without receiving something valuable in return. Therefore, merely inviting them to join your email list with the promise of sending them “our latest great content” may not yield high conversion rates.

Introducing a lead magnet, a value-packed incentive designed to encourage signups, is a highly effective strategy. Options for lead magnets include:

  • A complimentary eBook
  • A checklist derived from a blog post
  • A downloadable PDF of a blog post or case study
  • A useful cheat sheet
  • Discount coupons
  • Registration for an informative webinar
  • Handy templates or worksheets
  • An educational free course or email series

These incentives are crafted to motivate visitors to register with their email addresses. Tailoring these lead magnets to the specific preferences and requirements of your target audience can significantly enhance their effectiveness.

In practice, a mix of these incentives tends to produce the most favorable outcomes. Additionally, as your marketing approach matures, offering content upgrades—additional content bonuses linked to specific blog posts—can further optimize your results.

Potential increase in new subscribers: 25%-50%, varying with the allure of the incentive offered!

Implementing Strategic Website Pop-Ups

While pop-ups might carry a reputation for being intrusive or bothersome, their potential shifts dramatically when they’re designed with precision and a defined goal. They can significantly pivot the success of your email list growth.

An immediate piece of advice is to prioritize the user experience when devising your pop-up strategies. This approach guarantees that your pop-ups serve a relevant and timely purpose.

Pop-ups can be leveraged in numerous ways. For instance, deploying a “surprise” pop-up that materializes after a visitor has engaged with your site for a period or scrolled through a certain amount of content can be highly effective. Such a pop-up might offer a discount on their first purchase, as an incentive.

The beauty of pop-ups lies in their simplicity and ease of creation, without requiring an extensive investment of time or resources.

For those with a deeper insight into their audience’s preferences, tailoring a visually appealing pop-up that underscores the value proposition of your offer can make a significant impact. Overall, the key is to captivate with high-quality content and compelling incentives like giveaways or promotional codes. Thankfully, numerous online tools are available to assist in crafting sophisticated forms that appear professionally made.

Projected increase in new subscribers: 10-30%, influenced by the attractiveness of the pop-up incentives.

Designing Effective CTAs

Recognizing that individuals are unlikely to actively seek out your email subscription options, it’s essential to integrate these opportunities seamlessly within your content and across your web presence.

Developing a comprehensive workflow strategy is critical for effective email list building. This involves mapping out a user flow that outlines the journey from initial engagement through various channels to the point of subscription, including the utilization of lead magnets and subsequent welcome emails and content sequences. This strategic approach allows for the testing and optimization of various tactics.

Incorporating content marketing into your digital strategy offers a prime opportunity to leverage valuable resources for list growth. For instance, if you’ve crafted a beginner’s guide on buyer personas that attracts significant attention, you can capitalize on this by prompting readers to sign up for your newsletter with a compelling call-to-action (CTA), such as offering additional buyer persona examples as an incentive for subscription.

Providing value to your audience is paramount; even in the absence of extensive resources, creating content that resonates and offers genuine benefits will foster appreciation among your audience, encouraging them to subscribe without feeling coerced.

Anticipated increase in new subscribers: 15-20%

Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

Expanding your email list from the ground up calls for strategies beyond just utilizing your main website. Specifically, the creation of dedicated landing pages linked to your digital marketing efforts, such as LinkedIn and Facebook advertisements, is a crucial approach.

Consider you’re promoting special offers like free shipping, exclusive deals, or time-sensitive discounts. Directing potential subscribers to a specific landing page significantly enhances their experience by preventing confusion that might arise from navigating your general homepage.

To effectively engage users and guide them towards taking action, online businesses must ensure a frictionless journey on these landing pages. The essential components for a high-converting landing page include:

  • A compelling headline that clearly highlights the benefits to the user
  • Engaging content that retains the user’s interest
  • An impactful visual that reinforces your message

Leveraging tools like GetResponce’s or ClickFunnels Landing Page builder can dramatically simplify the process of creating such effective pages. Starting with a free trial account allows you to explore these features, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for more advanced capabilities when your list is growing.

Projected increase in new subscribers: 50%

Maximizing Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms serve as powerful tools for enhancing your email list growth. Integrating social media marketing with your email campaign efforts is essential for maximizing outreach.

A simple yet effective strategy is to add a sign-up or opt-in feature to your Facebook page, significantly enhancing lead generation, especially for businesses in their infancy.

Launching social media campaigns that invite followers to subscribe to your newsletter can dramatically increase your visibility and reach, making it a strategic move for businesses of any size.

Utilizing social media for promotional advertisements, offering special discounts or coupons to new sign-ups, can also boost your list growth.

Facebook’s Lead Ads feature presents a streamlined option for gathering subscriptions directly within the platform, offering a user-friendly, mobile-optimized experience.

Social media channels are equally beneficial for amplifying the impact of contests and giveaways, extending their reach and engagement potential.

Projected growth in new subscribers: 15%

Launching Viral Contests

Launching a viral contest, which rewards participants with extra entries for each referral that joins, is an innovative method to expand your email list. By requiring email registration for contest entry, this strategy not only broadens your list but also engages your audience in promoting your campaign.

Starting with such a contest is beneficial as it leverages the efforts of participants for promotional activities, thereby enhancing signup rates.

Moreover, viral contests serve as an excellent platform for generating user-generated content (UGC). This type of content is not only genuine and unique but also instrumental in building trust and fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

The dual advantage here is clear: an increase in sign-ups, with a portion of these potentially converting into new customers, all through the strategic use of UGC.

Projected growth in new subscribers: 35%

Engaging Personal Contacts

Tapping into your existing network is a strategic approach to grow your email list. It’s likely you already have connections who would be interested in your offerings. Informing them via email about your new list and detailing the benefits of joining can spark their interest.

Moreover, encouraging your current contacts to spread the word within their networks can amplify your reach significantly.

This method is equally effective if you have an existing customer base but haven’t yet leveraged an email list for content promotion. Engaging with your users to see if they’re interested in receiving updates about your latest offerings can significantly boost your subscriber numbers.

Anticipated increase in new subscribers: 80%

Initiating a Referral Program

Leveraging your existing customer base to promote your brand and email list can have an unparalleled impact on growth rates.

Recommendations from peers are incredibly persuasive, significantly boosting the likelihood of new sign-ups and fostering trust in your brand, potentially leading to purchases.

Implementing a referral program for your subscribers is crucial. It taps into the natural desire to share something beneficial with friends, providing them with a compelling reason to engage.

By offering incentives such as discounts, special offers, or redeemable points, you adhere to a foundational marketing principle of adding value. This approach not only enlarges your email list but also ensures it’s filled with engaged participants.

Referral programs have become a staple in eCommerce for cultivating a dedicated and robust subscriber community, with platforms like ReferralCandy, Tapfiliate, and Partnerstacksimplifying the implementation process.

Expected growth in subscriber numbers: 30%

Hosting Attractive Giveaways

Hosting giveaways has become a key strategy for eCommerce platforms seeking to boost their email subscription numbers swiftly. The allure of giveaways lies in their viral nature; they quickly draw attention, allowing you to amass a significant number of email contacts in a relatively short span.

Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram enhances the effectiveness of giveaways, thanks to their vast user bases and cost-effective advertising options.

A crucial guideline for organizing a successful giveaway is ensuring the prize is appealing and tailored to the interests of your target audience. This approach not only increases your email list but also enriches it with leads more likely to engage with your business.

For crafting engaging giveaways, several tools and WordPress plugins are available, such as Rafflecopter and Woobox. Additionally, services like FindKeep.Love offer a comprehensive sweepstakes management solution, helping to extend your campaign’s reach and impact distinctively.

Beyond expanding your subscriber base, giveaways serve the dual purpose of elevating your brand’s visibility, attracting potential customers and enriching your list simultaneously.

Anticipated growth in subscribers from giveaways: 30%

Utilizing Scroll Boxes

Strategically placing a call-to-action (CTA) when your audience is most receptive is critical for maximizing lead generation, making scroll boxes an invaluable tool.

By setting up a popup to appear at a specific moment—such as when a visitor has engaged with your content to a certain extent—you can effectively encourage them to provide their email address. The key is to pinpoint the optimal moment for conversion, which varies depending on individual user interaction with your page.

Employing A/B testing to observe and analyze visitor behavior allows business owners to fine-tune the timing and approach of these CTAs for the best results.

Projected increase in subscriber base from this method: 10%

Experimenting with Various Pop-Up Forms

While we’ve explored various trigger-based pop-up forms, there’s a wealth of additional formats and styles to discover and implement.

The realm of pop-ups is vast, with countless designs to inspire your next campaign!

Consider integrating exit intent pop-up forms, which activate as visitors are about to leave your site. These forms are crucial for capturing potential leads at a critical moment.

For enhancing their appeal, focus on creating compelling content. Explore engaging alternatives like inline or full-page forms. Inline forms seamlessly integrate with your site’s content, subtly capturing the user’s interest. For a more direct approach, full-page pop-ups can command attention with a compelling proposition, ensuring your message stands out.

Anticipated increase in new subscribers from these strategies: 10-15%

Promoting Sign-ups via Email Signatures

Incorporating a newsletter subscription link into your email signature is an effective and low-effort strategy for enhancing your email list growth.

Setting this up is straightforward, requiring minimal effort, making it an ideal approach for those building their lists from the ground up.

Consider this: daily email communications from you and your team reach a variety of individuals. Including a subscription link in your signature offers recipients an easy opportunity to learn more about your business.

Positive and engaging email interactions increase the likelihood of gaining new subscribers through this method.

Projected growth in subscriber numbers from this method: 5%

Incorporating Offline List Building Techniques

While digital strategies like pop-ups, sidebars, and landing pages are effective, overlooking offline opportunities for list expansion is a missed chance.

For businesses with physical locations, placing business cards prominently at counters or booths can serve as a subtle invitation for visitors to connect digitally.

Encouraging guests to leave their business cards facilitates a straightforward method for email list sign-ups, albeit requiring subsequent manual entry and the dispatch of a double opt-in confirmation email.

Moreover, at events or expos, maintaining a sign-up sheet specifically requesting email addresses allows for direct collection of potential subscriber details.

Projected increase in email list subscriptions from these offline methods: 7-8%

Key takeaway for building your email list

Creating an email list from the ground up is not an instantaneous process. However, by employing the strategies outlined earlier, you’re well-positioned to accelerate the development of your list significantly.

While some approaches may yield better results than others, the key lies in integrating various tactics to maximize your business’s outreach and growth.

Gradually, as you gain proficiency with these foundational list-building strategies, exploring more sophisticated techniques like hosting webinars and producing podcasts can further enhance your efforts.

Keep in mind, the rate at which you expand your list is secondary to the quality and engagement of the leads you generate. Retention is as crucial as acquisition. For a comprehensive solution that aids in both capturing and engaging your audience, consider exploring GetResponce’s offerings.


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